Confessione - Bonarda

The vinification

The harvesting of the grapes is made totally by hand from the end of September and the first decade in October. The maceration lasts for 15 days at a maximum temperature of 28 °C. After the "fermentazione malolattica" has terminated towards the end of November, the wine is transferred into vitrified cement casks that hold 50 Hl or into vitro resin casks that contain from 20 to 50 Hl.

Recommended food

The Oltrepo Pavese Bonarda D.O.C. goes with salami, boiled meat, Italian sausage, "zampone" (pig's trotter stuffed with seasoned mincemeat), cassoeula, (pork with green vegetables and flavoured stock); also with pasta in tomato sauce or meat; risotti with meat and/or vegetables and ravioli stuffed with meat served in stock.

Additional Info

  • Classification: Bonarda Oltrepò Pavese D.O.C.
  • The Grapes: Croatina (80%), Barbera (15%), Uva Rara (5%)
  • Origin: vineyards in Zenevredo
  • Colour: deep ruby red with violet reflexes
  • Bouquet: pleasant deep, delicate with yeast scent
  • Taste: bright well structured and aromatic persistence
  • Alcoholic content: 12%

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