The containers


BarrelLittle wooden barrel (usually durmast or chestnut) with a capacity of 30-60 litres, they were once used for transporting the wine from the cellar to the market instead today they are mainly for choreography in the conservation of strong sweet wine.


Wooden oak barrel with a capacity of holding 225 litres. Originally used in France for the refining of red and sometimes white wines,. It became very popular in California, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. In the eighties it became normal practice in Italy to adopt the barrique barrel to refine wines with a so called“International Taste” such as Cabernet and Chardonnay. For the construction of the barriques a special oak wood from the French Massif Central is preferred, because it has the peculiarity of being able to blend the wine with its spice and vanilla aromas.


Wooden container with a cylinder shape and bombé in the centre. Depending on local traditions thewood used in to make the cask varies, but the most popular is the chestnut and the oak and in particular the durmust from Slovenia. There is not any specific rule concerning their capacity but in general they are all very similar both in dimension and capacity in the various vinicultural areas.


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